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Digital disruption has come to companies of all kinds and sizes, across the industry. But what separates those who do “disrupt” and get new business benefits - from those who are “disrupted” and left behind?

Your Business Challenges

Cloud solutions put an end to the traditional capital-intensive infrastructure and applications costs.  Cloud solutions provide a scalable, flexible future, giving you the efficient, agile and innovative platform you need to become a digital business. Moving to the cloud is a commercial, technical and strategic decision. Instead of building and managing your own hardware and software, it is provided for you “as a service” and accessed over a network. You are effectively outsourcing your computing services. Each type and model of cloud has benefits and the occasional drawback. But which cloud is right for you?

OSL's Offerings

The cloud is probably the answer to your question. But which cloud? For which applications? How will you access it? How will it integrate with your other platforms? What is the backup plan? What are your security plans? What do you want to manage? How do you plan to migrate to the cloud? The journey to the reception of the clouds is always easy. We can work with you to put together a customized road that adds value to your organization. We understand how cloud services are different and can help you make the right decision.

Key Features

Cloud solutions can empower organizations to build efficient, efficient IT platforms. But the cloud needs to be made your own in order to work for you. The cloud did not run. Your users still need support. Your cloud needs care. Your cloud needs to be upgraded. You need to migrate from one model to the cloud.

Designing Cloud

We can help you select and design the right cloud solution. We start by understanding your existing IT model and develop a cloud strategy with you.
1. Which are the right applications to move to the cloud? 2. Which cloud is the right one and how much cloud do you really need? 3. What are the security, regulatory or compliance issues for you to consider? 4. What should be your diversity/back-up plan? 5. How do you plan to secure your cloud?

Connecting Cloud

We can help you decide how to connect to the cloud. Your applications now need to be accessed by your users and customers remotely in the cloud.
1. Internet, dedicated capacity or private cloud provider specific connections? 2. How much capacity is needed? 3. Will your existing network be enough? 4. What is your back-up plan? 5. What is the plan for interoperability between on-premise and cloud environments?

Cloud Migration

We can help you migrate your applications to the cloud. With the correct design, we move onto planning and supporting your migration to the cloud.
1. Which applications to move first? 2. Redesign and optimise before migration? 3. Parallel working required? 4. Test plan model design? 5. Use of migration software?

Managing Cloud

We can help you decide how to manage your cloud platform. The cloud doesn’t run itself. Your users still need support. Your cloud needs to be maintained and enhanced.
1. How do you want to maintain your cloud? 2. How do you plan to manage upgrades/patches/maintenance etc? 3. How will you support database migration and then administration? 4. How will you manage and monitor the platform and application performance 24/7? 5. Do you have the time, skills and knowledge it to manage it yourself?

If you have a question or would like some advice for your business, feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to help.

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